Cryptocurrencies as a payment method?
Get to know BitBay Pay!

Cutting-edge payments based onBitcoin technology

Why ?

Take advantage of cryptocurrency payments

  • Independence from banks and traditional payment methods.
  • Low cryptocurrency transactions costs.
  • Innovation - start using new payments methods and attract new costumers before other companies do.
  • Irreversibility of transactions - no chargeback risk.
  • Transactions security - use of advanced technology during transfers.

Suited to your needs:

Accept payments in cryptocurrencies online
and stationary by POS application.

Quick payments - reduce waiting time for payment from the customer to a minimum.

Easy conversion to FIAT currency

Easy access to your funds.

Customize your payment gateway.

Professional cooperation with your business:

Introducing into cryptocurrency world.

Easy integration with your company using API.

Security of your account and funds.

Support via e-mail and phone.

Receive payments in currency of your choice

Thanks to multicurrency option you can choose from 4 FIAT currencies (USD, EUR, PLN, GBP) and over a dozen cryptocurrencies. Funds will be exchanged quickly by the current rate and will be available on your account.

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