About us

Bitcoin payment operator

Modern platform that allows you to accept Bitcoin as payment method - meet BitBayPay! Easy, quick and secure payments for your business. We operate more than 50 000 payments daily! Use our experience and grow your company with us.

Why BitBayPay?

What are our advantages? First and foremost:

  • > Instant transactions in your country and abroad - thanks to us your clients can pay for services and goods from anywhere in the world.
  • One-click payments - it was never so easy! You can just click and the payment is instantly done.
  • Availability of different currencies and beneficial exchanging - you will get your customers’ payments in your prefered currency.
  • Online and on the spot payments support - we allow your clients to pay online as well as in stores and service points.
  • High-level security - the funds are secured with advanced tools that allow you to keep your funds safely on your account.

Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is the currency of the future - different than anything else! There is no other currency with such possibilities. Essentially it allows quick payments wherever you are - here or on the other side of the globe. The transfers are cheap because Bitcoin doesn’t need any third-parties for payments. Advanced cryptography secured each client’s payments. We don’t have transaction limits and fee is lower than anywhere else!

Quick registration, free account

Quick registration, free account Założenie nowego konta to zaledwie kilka minut. Prosty system nie wymaga skomplikowanej implementacji. Konto prowadzisz zupełnie za darmo. W panelu znajdziesz wszystkie potrzebne informacje do obsługi płatności BTC. Skorzystaj z demo (link), aby sprawdzić, jak działa nasz system! -> Creating a new account takes only a couple of minutes. Easy system doesn’t require a complicated implementation. The account is completely free. You will find everything you need to operate BTC payments in your panel. Try our demo (link) to see how our system works!

On the spot and online

We make Bitcoin payments online and on the spot possible. Only QR code or BitBay app is required to pay for goods and services. Dedicated device will scan the code and the funds will be retrieved automatically from the account. And it’s done! It took only seconds to process the payment.

It’s even easier online - your customer needs just one click to do Bitcoin payment. You will get the funds in the currency of your choice.

Thanks to us every payment, online or on the spot, is easy, quick and cheap!