About us

Cryptocurrency payment operator

Modern platform that allows you to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment method - meet BitBayPay! Easy, quick and secure payments for your business. We operate thousands of payments daily! Use our experience and grow your company with us.

Why BitBayPay:

Take advantage of cryptocurrency payment:

  • Independence from banks and traditional payments method
  • First of all cryptocurrencies allows quick and cheap international transfers. It is because the cryptocurrency is decentralized - it has no issuer, there are no middlemen in transactions. That is why cryptocurrencies can substitute fiat currencies in payments and transfers.

  • Low transaction cost
  • While paying by cryptocurrencies you do not have to worry about bank transfers’ commissions or delays connected to transfer processing.

  • Innovation - start using new payments methods and attract new costumers before other companies do so
  • More and more stores, restaurants or other service points accept cryptocurrency payments. On websites it is very simple - just click the cryptocurrency icon while choosing a payment method. At stationary points you should use the BitBayPay Terminal mobile application.

  • Irreversibility of transactions - no chargeback risk
  • If a transaction is already in the Blockchain network, it can not be undone. Transfers are checked by enormous computing power, which guarantees their correctness.

  • Transactions security - use of advanced technology during transfers
  • I Advanced math (cryptography) secures each transaction in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It guarantees that transactions cannot be forged and the currency cannot be stolen - of course if the Bitcoin owner uses standard safety procedures (eg. doesn't pass his private key to third-parties). Bitcoin transactions registry is called Blockchain. It consists of all transfers of this cryptocurrency. You can use it to check your transaction status. The receiver cannot decline he received the funds.

Suited to your needs:

  • Accept payments in cryptocurrencies online and stationary
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payments are available online and stationary. In order to make a payment on the spot BitBayPay Terminal app is required, which is available on mobile devices. Payments online are even easier - your customer needs just one click to do cryptocurrency payment and you will get the funds in the currency you choose.

  • Quick payments - reduce waiting time for payment from the customer to a minimum
  • One-click payments - it was never so easy! Just click and the payment is done after receiving required amount of confirmations from web.

  • Easy conversion to FIAT currency (PLN, EUR, USD)
  • Availability of different currencies and beneficial exchanging - you will get your customers’ payments in the currency you choose.

  • Easy access to your funds
  • Withdraw your funds via bank transfer directly to your bank account or via one of the Euronet ATMs available in Poland.

  • Customize your payment gateway
  • Adapt the look of your payment gateway to your preferences and needs.

Professional cooperation with your business:

  • Introducing into cryptocurrency world
  • You do not need to have knowledge about cryptocurrencies, our specialists will provide you with the necessary information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to dispel your doubts.

  • Easy integration with your company using API
  • Quick and intuitive connection of the payment gateway to your business.

  • Security of your account and funds
  • We care about the safety of our clients' funds in many different ways. We keep all cryptocurrency funds on so called „cold wallets”. It means they are not connected to service servers directly. It guarantees that no third-parties can access those funds. Fiat currencies are guaranteed by the bank and the security methods implemented by it. BitBayPay also offers many options to secure your account, for example through two-factor authentication. You can also turn on confirmations for actions that you make on your account. Our security system is constantly controlled and improved by our security department. We speak openly about some solutions, while the part remains our secret.

  • Support via E-mail and phone
  • Our team is always ready to help you, for your convenience by email or phone.