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BitBay Pay is a member of BitBay Group
with more than 1 milion clients.

Professional payment solutions since 2016

BitBay Pay is a licensed cryptocurrency payment operator

First rolled out in September 2016, the project has grown to become one of the largest crypto payment solutions available on the market. As a part of the BitBay ecosystem, BitBay Pay with Estonian crypto license is fully regulated secure product designed with the end user in mind.

BitBay Pay mission is to provide people with alternative solution that overcomes drawbacks of traditional payments: high fees, long transaction speed, chargebacks, frauds. Thanks to our solution it’s a matter of the past.

With our crypto payment gateway along with mobile POS app we’ve started the #cryptolution by providing easy to use and secure alternative for small businesses and corporate entities alike.

We believe in diversity and competitiveness

We acknowledge crypto as a better alternative to traditional banking and carefully check each currency before associating it with our products within the BitBay ecosystem. That’s why BitBay Pay supports most of the widely used coins and tokens.

We’re constantly searching for new ways to improve our users’ crypto experience. BitBay Pay is no doubt a step in the right direction and we hope it continues to serve the community and support businesses worldwide for years to come.

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Patryk Kadlec

Chief Executive Officer

Sylwia Zdanowicz

Chief Revenue Officer

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