How to make fiat (EUR) deposit?

To make a deposit in EUR, go to the Balances tab in the main menu available on the left side of the site. Next, select the EUR currency. Now payment data to which transfer should be made will be shown. Please remember to copy the payment data carefully, especially payment title – it is necessary that we successfully receive sent funds.

Remember, that we do not accept instant deposits, using payment operators. We support only SEPA transfers, which means that:

  1. The transfer must be made in EURO (or the currency conversion option in the sender's bank must be chosen),
  2. When sending a transfer, the recipient's bank account number must be provided in the IBAN format,
  3. The transfer must be sent as a regular wire bank transfer (express transfers are not accepted),
  4. If the SEPA transfer is made from a bank account which currency is other than EURO, the bank will return the funds.

Deposits are added at least three times a day on working days – it is around 11 a.m, 2 p.m and 4 p.m CET. Please note that the time in which we receive your payment depends on the bank session. If your payment has not yet been added to your account, please contact us via [email protected] and submit a transfer confirmation.