Integration of the BitBay Pay payment service through the plugin to the VirtueMart platform

Before starting the process, download the appropriate plug-in, available on the website Plugins

Once we obtain it, we can proceed to install the plugin. The first step is to log into the administration panel. Then open the extensions tab. We choose the install option.

The next step is to upload the .zip archive using the drag-and-drop method in the appropriate field. After uploading the plugin ,go to the management tab - search for the installed plugin and turn it on by selecting tick on the status column.

Then select VirtueMart and payment methods from the top bar. Using the new/create button, create an entry in the list of payment methods.

In the first tab, select BitBay Pay in the payment methods field, enter the name displayed on the list of methods and a possible description.

At the end, we only need to save the changes.

How to create a page in the BitBay Pay Merchant’s Panel?

To create a page, go to the website tab in the left menu and follow the instructions on the screen. In the case of integration via VirtueMart or another ready shop engine, please select this option in the second window displayed.