How to increase the security of your account?

Remember that the account username and e-mail address should be different. We also advise you to use strong passwords. A strong password should at least consist of 8 characters and must contain a number of different characters such as upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Each platform that you use should have a different password that has nothing in common with the username used. We also recommend using a password manager app.

Another method that will increase the security of your account is a two-step authorization. Thanks to it, an authorization code will be required to log in to your account apart from the password. The authorization code can be obtained through:

  • Google Authenticator app - is a mobile app that allows you to generate one-off, time-limited codes. The advantage of this method is the need to have an additional device on which the codes will be displayed. In this case, even if your computer is hacked by third parties, no one will be able to log in without using authorization codes. We strongly recommend using this method.

  • E-mail codes - the easiest way to receive authorization codes that will be sent to your e-mail. Please remember that you must properly secure your e-mail box.

We also recommend to log in to your BitBay Pay account using trusted devices that are protected by updated antivirus apps.