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Processed instantly

By design, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in order to solve issues associated with traditional banking and payment services. Problems such as long processing time and high international wire transfer costs. Drawing from this idea and applying it on a wide scale, BitBay Pay payment gateway offers lightning-fast, seamless transactions regardless of time and place. On a working day, a weekend, or a holiday – domestic and international transactions are processed and added to BitBay Pay merchant accounts instantly.

Open to innovation

The cryptocurrency market has undeniably grown since Bitcoin’s 2009 release. New currencies are developed each day, improving on preexisting coins or bringing something entirely new to the table. With BitBay Pay, entering the crypto market is easier than ever. Our payment gateway is highly customizable, allowing business owners to either receive payments in crypto or have them automatically converted to EUR. It’s worth noting that currency conversion is free of foreign exchange risk – there’s a 15-minute exchange rate lock-in guaranteeing that the transaction is unaffected by market swings.


Bitcoin payments, as well as other cryptocurrency-based payment methods, are a security countermeasure. Crypto transactions prevent chargeback fraud, allowing merchants and service providers to conduct business without unnecessary risk. For a customer, it’s a matter of choice to select any of the supported cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCC, BTG, LSK, LTC, ETH, ZEC, XRP, TRX or Dash. For a business owner, there’s almost no difference, as each transaction is fully secure thanks to blockchain’s transaction irreversibility feature.


User experience is crucial for sales, both online and offline. Studies show an average cart abandonment rate of 67,91%. With an optimized checkout process, those numbers can drop to about 20%. BitBay Pay’s customer flow provides a simple, yet extremely effective customer convenience feature – the ability to choose between a direct wallet payment and an instant QR scan. Implementing customer-oriented design practices is a surefire way to make a business stand out among the competition.