BitBay Pay
POS Terminal

A revolution in Brick & Mortar sales

Fast, contactless and innovative as ever

Easy to use

BitBay Pay POS allows retailers and service providers to accept cryptocurrency payments at physical stores and service premises. While powerful, the app itself is pretty simple, with a user-friendly interface that smoothens the transaction process. A payment over the BitBay Pay POS was designed to take up to 10 seconds. It’s been made possible thanks to implementation of instant QR code transactions. All it takes is a camera phone, Internet connection and our POS Terminal app – available for both Android and iOS devices.


BitBay Pay POS processes 10 cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCC, BTG, LSK, LTC, ETH, ZEC, XRP, TRX and Dash, giving your customers freedom to choose their preferred payment method. Crypto payment availability solves one of the most prevalent problems in the blockchain community – asset liquidity. Most crypto owners are just that, owners. Giving your clients a way to pay with cryptocurrencies is a surefire way to gain a following in the community.

Cutting-edge technology

The cryptocurrency industry is chock-full of innovators, tech geeks and early adopters. This atmosphere of innovation resulted in numerous technological and financial breakthroughs over the past years. Some of the solutions discovered during crypto’s rapid growth have been implemented in the BitBay Pay POS. Solutions like currency autoconversion, which allows our clients to have the received crypto be instantly processed into EUR. What’s more, the autoconversion now carries no currency risk, thanks to a 15-minute exchange rate lock-in.

Professional support

It’s important to note that POS system integration is just as easy as using the app itself. Nevertheless, we’re ready to help as needed! As a part of the BitBay product family, BitBay Pay offers the same support team that made BitBay grow in the first place. A team of thoroughly-trained specialists is always ready to help you integrate and maintain the POS system, as well as solve any issues. That is, if they’d ever occur.