BitBay Pay

A bridge between tradition and innovation

Withdraw at your convenience, in a currency of your choice

To your bank account

BitBay Pay provides numerous withdrawal options, including the traditional, time-tested wire transfer. Through the business management panel, you’ll be able to transfer EUR directly to your bank account. This includes both the revenue from eCommerce payment gateway sales and POS-integrated stores & services. Fiat currency withdrawal methods include standard wire transfers, ATM withdrawals and Polish Post Office cash withdrawals.

To external crypto wallets

Some entrepreneurs view cryptocurrency as a tool, a quick, secure and convenient payment method. Others, on the other hand, see the opportunities provided by crypto and blockchain in general. For the latter, a cryptocurrency withdrawal feature has been a part of BitBay Pay ever since the service has been launched. While BitBay guarantees your funds’ security, as all cryptocurrencies in merchant accounts are held on so called cold (offline) wallets, moving coins to external, personal wallets allows for easier personal use – be it trading, holding or spending.

With currency conversion

While cryptocurrency autoconversion is an important feature of both the payment gateway and our POS system, we’re all about freedom of choice. That’s why, apart from the aforementioned fiat and crypto withdrawals, we’ve implemented a system which allows our partners to convert EUR into cryptocurrency at withdrawal.

Withdraw anytime

All funds currently stored in a BitBay Pay merchant account are shown in the Balances section of the management panel. Clicking on any of the currencies opens the operations menu, allowing authorized users to deposit and withdraw funds, as well as make internal transfers between any of their BitBay and BitBay Pay wallets at 0% fee. It’s important to note that funds can be deposited, withdrawn and transferred at your convenience, from anywhere, anytime.