A decision to purchase a service subscription is often dictated by impulse. Allowing customers to instantly finalize a transaction and gain immediate access to entertainment is easier than ever with the BitBay Pay payment gateway.

Imagine a man on a Saturday evening. He was supposed to meet and catch up with friends, but most of them had to reschedule, so he’s stuck at home with nothing to do. Surfing the web, he has found a premium video streaming service with a tv series he’s meant to watch for some time now. Sounds familiar? There’s a twist, though – it’s Saturday, so a wire transfer wouldn’t be processed until Monday.

That’s where crypto payments come into play. Taking up to a couple of minutes to process, no matter the time and place, cryptocurrency is a perfect match for entertainment services. BitBay Pay payment gateway allows instant access to premium content, enticing customers to choose a crypto-friendly business over the competition. As for the receiving end, there’s no need to worry about crypto price swings. Our gateway can instantly process crypto and exchange it into fiat currency (EUR), so the business owner receives the asking price, regardless of the market.