Retail & Services

Luckily for B&M retailers and service providers, cryptocurrencies can now be easily processed at brick and mortar locations with the BitBay Pay mobile Point-of-Sale. A modern customer is all about freedom of choice. Availability of crypto payments provides just that.

The “Bitcoin accepted here” tag no longer exclusively applies to online shopping. With BitBay Pay implemented, crypto enthusiasts are sure to take a closer look at your business, whether it’s a convenience store, a restaurant, or a hair salon. This is especially true since BitBay Pay goes above and beyond to give our clients’ customers freedom of choice – there are almost a dozen supported cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to Lisk, Dash and Ripple.

All that’s needed to receive a payment is a BitBay Pay account, a smartphone and our mobile POS Terminal app. An employee (e.g. a waiter or a cashier) inputs the amount in EUR and the app returns a QR code. A customer then scans the QR code and the transaction is finalized. There’s no need to worry about the exchange rate swings as the amount can be instantly processed back into fiat currency on the receiving end.