All products in the BitBay ecosystem meet a rigorous set of legal, financial and operational regulations. Strict regulatory compliance measures help greatly in providing the best service to our clients.

BitBay Pay STO solution helps both token issuers and investors. Since Security Tokens derive value from external, tradable assets, their issuance is subject to legal securities and regulations. As BitBay Pay is an EFSA-licensed institution, launching an STO with BitBay Pay ensures compliance with Estonian law. Tokenization of assets simplifies the process of issuing securities, as numerous processes, such as dividend payments, investor protection and taxation, are handled by the blockchain.

In stark contrast to ICOs and utility tokens, Security Tokens’ value is non-arbitrary, providing investors with real value proposition. Tokenized assets are to increase market liquidity in the coming years, which, with more and more investors getting used to the idea of digital securities, greatly improves value of the market itself. Regulated Security Token Offerings are an improved, more secure approach to investing that benefits both blockchain-based companies and investors.